human rsource

HR-Recruitment Training Program

Provide lot of exposure to the current knowledge, techniques and practices of HR-Recruitment skills.Be successful recruiter with our job oriented course!

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digital marketing

Digital Marketing Training Program

Learn Digital Marketing from Experts. People who have spent more than 12 years in Digital Marketing & has become Experts are our Facilitators.

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Soft Skills Training Program

Our program help an individual to develop professional and accepted patterns of behavior, communication and interpersonal aptitudes.

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Our Mission

Delphi Convergen is on a mission to build employability skills and competency to bridge the gap between employability and employable talent.

With growing industrialization & rapidly changing technologies, future is going to be different as we will be competing against machines, anything which is repetitive will be substituted by machines and hence there is no choice but be the best to survive.

Delphi Convergen is committed to provide all necessary skill-set to the candidates which will cater to current & in-future industry requirements.

Our training courses are highly specialized, practical and relevant to the industry. They are designed to pave way for a successful career in the various professions. The courses also meet the needs of industry and commerce; enabling us to train and develop professionals in the most practical and cost-effective manner.

We support Government’s initiative of “Kaushal Bharat Kushal Bharat” and committed to build a skilled workforce for global platform

Bridging Gap Between Employability & Employability Talent

Only Training Center in Pune committed to Build Strong Skills Based Workforce